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Simulation Theory Deluxe Film Box Set

Simulation Theory Deluxe Film Box Set


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MUSE brings their Simulation Theory tour to life in this limited edition 80s-inspired deluxe film box set. The box set includes a pink/blue marbled LP with selections from the band’s September 2019 performance at London’s O2 Arena housed in a gatefold jacket, a VHS-like box containing a HD 5.1 DTS Master Audio Blu-Ray of the film, a fluorescent pink cassette of the film score written by Matt Bellamy, a Marvel Simulation Theory comic book and an 11x17 Marvel Muse poster*. Each box will have metallic foil packaging.  


*Final poster and comic artwork not shown*

Track Listing


Side A:

Algorithm (Alternate Reality Version)

Pressure (Film Edit)

Break It to Me

The Dark Side

Thought Contagion

Dig Down (Gospel Version)


Side B:

Propaganda (Acoustic Version)


Metal Medley



Side A:

1) Simulation Theory Film Intro Music

2) Psycho Murf Speaks

3) Zombie Murphy gets wired up


Side B

4) Behold, The Glove

5) Emotionality Rush

6) Simulation Theory Film End Credits with Newscaster