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Showbiz 2xLP

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VINYL FORMAT. LP version of Muse's debut album, Showbiz. "The British trio Muse is equal parts punk and prog rock. Like most prog rockers, Muse approach their work like opera, from their love of huge song structures to lead singer Matthew Bellamy's soprano arias... Their debut, Showbiz, matches [Radiohead's] Thom Yorke's penchant for majestic agony - screams and the word self-destruction pepper the title track - but with an edge that's quirkier and decidedly more ragged than their elders'. 'Uno' mixes a tango beat with power chords; the single 'Muscle Museum' lays Latin guitar and piercing distortion over a stately, waddling bass line. Acoustic numbers such as 'Unintended' serve up unabashed romanticism like a tender truffle. ..a great first shot from three guys barely old enough to drink on their U.S. tour. " - Rolling Stone

"(The most) baroque 'n' roll band that Britain has ever produced...Grunge as a neo-classical, high gothic, future rock...It's amazing for such a young band to...make a sexy, populist album. But Muse have carried it off." - NME


1-01 - Sunburn
1-02 - Muscle Museum
1-03 - Fillip
1-04 - Falling Down
1-05 - Cave
1-06 - Showbiz
1-07 - Unintended
1-08 - Uno
1-09 - Sober
1-10 - Escape
1-11 - Overdue
1-12 - Hate This and I'll Love You