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Black Holes And Revelations CD

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1. City Of Delusion

2. Hoodoo

3. Starlight

4. Take a Bow

5. Assassin

6. Map Of The Problematique

7. Invincible

8. Knights Of Cydonia

9. Soldier's Poem

10. Exo-Politics

11. Supermassive Black Hole

In 2004, U.K. favorite Muse broke through in the U.S. with <i>Absolution</i> and major performances across America that won legions of new fans. In 2006, Muse takes a bold new step with <i>Black Holes And Revelations</i>, a powerful, upbeat epic album that takes the band's music to a whole new dimension. Once again co-produced by Rich Costey [Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave], Muse incorporates influences from electronica and Prince to pure pop.